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Meditrain South Central First Aid training

Quality First Aid Training and equipment for you and your staff

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Doing is learning

Our Courses

Qualifications: For those courses which attract NZQA credits we will upload your credits without charge.

Ministry of Education approved: Early Childhood, Pimary and Secondary School Teachers


Practical First Aid Training. Quality First Aid equipment.

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Meditrain South Central is passionate about seeing people equipped to save lives and reduce suffering and we reckon you and your staff can learn this without having to "suck eggs".

Because saving lives is a skill we believe everyone should have, we've worked hard to de-mystify First Aid. The student learns practical techniques and procedures to get the job done without drawn out explanations of systems and processes.

"Written tests are not necessary, learning what to do is!"

Health and Safety:

Keeping your staff's certification up to date can be a real hassle. We will manage this for you to ensure that you don't get stung if it gets forgotten.


Meditrain Ltd began as a First Aid Training provider at the de-regulation of the industry in 1991. In recent times, Meditrain has expanded nationwide to the size they are today. Their clients included a who's who of New Zealand companies including Air New Zealand, Fulton Hogan, South Canterbury Rural Fire, Meridian Energy, Genesis Energy, Edi Downer Works, the Department of Conservation. Meditrain is now the largest non-regionalised First Aid provider in the country with over 40 instructors nationwide. Meditrain South Central has brought this expertise and experience to Canterbury, the West Coast and Nth Otago.


Proven Training Material

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We utilise material produced by Meditrain's own publishing company, SkillsforLife Ltd, which creates and publishes all our training material specifically relevant to New Zealand conditions.

And we come to you -

We come to youStrecher

We will come to your workplace to conduct a course, at your convenience, for as few as 10 Students. If you have less than 10 please contact us anyway as we often have students awaiting courses in many areas.

We are happy to advise and supply First Aid kits and or AED's to your requirements also.

For further information please Contact us