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Meditrain South Central First Aid training

Quality First Aid Training and equipment for you and your staff

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Qualifications: For those courses which attract NZQA credits we will upload your credits without charge.

Ministry of Education approved: Early Childhood, Pimary and Secondary School Teachers


Occupational Safety and Health

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Occupational Safety and Health has published Guidance Notes on providing First Aid Equipment, Facilities and Training to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and Regulations 1995 - Updated May 2001.

These Guidance Notes are intended for use by:

  1. Anyone responsible for first aid in places of work;
  2. Employers who need to have trained first aid personnel in places of work they are responsible for;
  3. First aid personnel in places of work;
  4. Persons responsible for the maintenance of first aid equipment and facilities in places of work;
  5. Organisations and instructors involved in the training of first aid personnel; and
  6. Individuals and organisations wishing to become first aid trainers.

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